At Noad Chiropractic we are passionate about treating people who want to feel great! Whether you are a weekend warrior, an elite athlete, or just love to live a well balanced pain free lifestyle, we want to help you achieve your full potential to perform at your best.

Noad Chiropractic Clinic (NCC) specializes in adjusting full spine using the Merrick technique. We take a functional approach to your musculoskeletal pain meaning we don’t just focus on what hurts but why it hurts.

By performing a thorough history and functional examination and applying evidence-based knowledge, Dr. Dunlop and Dr. Noad will design a treatment plan specific to your needs. They provide dynamic, hands on, one-on-one treatment to each patient. Here at Noad Chiropractic we  recognize the importance of a multidisciplinary approach to patient care, and work collaboratively with other health care providers. We feel it is crucial to educate our patients about their conditions and empower them to actively participate in their care.

Since 1978, Noad Chiropractic Clinic has had a great deal of success in treating auto accident cases, WSIB injuries, as well as sports injuries. We have worked on all ages from infants to geriatrics.

In addition to manipulation, NCC uses many forms of modalities including ultrasound, moist heat, massage, interferential therapy, low volt, and laser therapy. We also have a registered massage therapist on site who will work with our treatment plan to leave you feeling your best.

We have a limited number of homeopathic and vitamin supplements as well as an assortment of braces and supports. We also provide Footmaxx custom orthotics on site and are recognized as Greenshield providers for them.